The numbers are in. The U.S. has had more than 100,000 deaths from diabetes.  Surprisingly, this does NOT include deaths that were linked to a Covid 19 infection.  If you add in the number of people that have died of Covid because they had diabetes the death rate would be astronomical.

Although the article I linked to above points out some of the flaws in our country’s policies, as usual, we are recognizing the flaws way too late.  What has caused our country to become the best in the world at creating diabetics?

  • The incorrect assessment that a low fat, low cholesterol diet was healthy – this disaster of a nationwide health policy led to the substitution of sugar for fat in the vast majority of processed foods.  More sugar = more fat = more diabetes
  • Relying on medication to address this illness.  –  By the time medication is prescribed the disease has already begun.  –  the standards of care should include education and intervention before the diagnosis of diabetes.  Simply by including a Hemoglobin A1C test (HgA1C is a blood marker that represents a 120 day average Glucose level) and a Fasting insulin test into the most commonly run blood tests would catch a trend of diabetes way before the disease had occurred.
  • The article mentions taxing sugary drinks, why not heavily taxing all junk foods.  If healthy food were less expensive than junk food, that is what people would eat.
  • Instead of subsidizing wheat, corn and soy why aren’t the most nutritious crops heavily subsidized by the government so they could be more affordable.
  • Address the huge issue of food deserts – a great portion of this country does not have easy access to healthy food options.  This is just one reason why diabetes is disproportionately a disease of lower socioeconomic people.
The above list is really a list of strategies that could aid in helping the masses but


I am not really worried about you getting diabetes.  You read these emails.   You already care about your health.  You may already be way ahead of the curve of the very basic suggestions above.  What if you are living better now but have a family history of diabetes.  What if you spent the first 24 years of your life eating in a way that would promote diabetes?  I did.  If this is you, then you may need to take even more than the basic steps to prevent diabetes from becoming part of your life. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • Keep your HgA1C levels at or below 5.5
  • Keep your fasting insulin levels in the range of 2-15 mIU/mL
  • Use supplements that help to manage blood sugar levels like chromium polynicotinate, cinnamon, gymnema, alpha lipoic acid, adaptogenic herbs for stress, and B vitamins.
  • Increase your percentage of muscle – Adult Males over 80%  Adult Females over 72%
  • Exercise vigorously at least a few times a week.

If you are struggling with blood sugar issues or simply want to learn more so you can stay way ahead of the blood sugar handling issues that plague up to 70% of the United States give me a call and let’s set up a visit.  We’ll figure out a plan of action to not only prevent disease but to help you to THRIVE!

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Yours in health,

Dr. Jason Piken DC, CNS, PAK

Dr. Jason Piken

Dr. Jason Piken is a Chiropractor, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach who offers a unique holistic and whole body approach to nutrition and wellness.

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