I named Innate Wellness Group after the concept of innate intelligence. We are all born with an innate intelligence. It understands how to keep our hearts beating, how to grow fingernails, how to heal from a cut, how to digest a meal and how to perform all the other biological processes we don’t have to consciously think about. Our innate intelligence only wants what is best for us. Our “symptoms” are simply communications from our innate intelligence trying to figure out how to heal from life’s stresses.

At Innate Wellness Group I have found other health practitioners who share this philosophy and have invited them to practice in a space that aims to remove the stresses of life so the body can heal itself. The result is a full-service wellness center devoted to natural healing modalities.

Innate Wellness Group Practitioners

Innate Wellness Group is located in midtown Manhattan just south of Central Park at 119 West 57th Street, Suite 712.


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