This week’s newsletter is inspired by the Fox article “California doctor reveals the 10 big ‘lies’ the medical community is telling patients”

Yes, I know this was most likely an article that was paid for by the author of the book they are promoting about the 10 Medical Lies.

I thought it would be a chance to take their list and put my own remarks after each of the top 10 lies.

  1. The Metabolic Lie: “Metabolism Is Just the Body’s Way of Digesting Food” – Your metabolism is an extraordinarily complex orchestration composed by your pituitary gland, conducted by your thyroid, influenced by your pancreas, adrenal glands and gut microbiome.  If there are issues with any of these systems, the entire symphony is affected.  Getting comprehensive labwork performed and evaluated is essential.
  2. The Obesity Lie: “To Lose Weight, Just Exercise More and Eat Less” –  In the end the Calories in Calories out formula IS TRUE, IT is irrefutable, BUT how YOUR body burns a calorie compared to mine can fluctuate tremendously.  Each of us should learn how foods affect us as individuals through diet/lifestyle experimentation and maybe even wearing a CGM (Constant Glucose Monitor) for a few weeks.
  3. The Diabetes Lie: “Sugar is Harmless, Other Than Causing Weight Gain and Tooth Decay” – OK, I don’t feel like I have to even comment here.  I’ve NEVER heard that statement, maybe it was something said back in the 80’s
  4. The Fatty Liver Lie: “There Is No Treatment for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease” – What?  No treatment? If you lose VAT ( Visceral Adipose Tissue – aka Belly Fat) you will eliminate Fatty Liver
  5. The Hypertension Lie: “High Blood Pressure Is Best Treated with Drugs” – The great pharmaceutical lie, that there is something wrong with you, rather than there are actions you should take to lower your blood pressure.  There are genetic factors that are a contributor but if you haven’t tried to shift your lifestyle first, you are allowing yourself to stay in an unhealthy state.
  6. The Cardiovascular Disease Lie: “Statins Are a Good Choice to Prevent Heart Disease”- I’ve addressed this in other emails.  Here’s the simplest summary – If you have high cholesterol because you have a lifestyle that is metabolically unhealthy then your high cholesterol can be a danger to your health ONLY because of the complications of also having either, blood sugar, triglyceride, blood pressure or an inflammatory issue.  Cholesterol as a single factor has NO impact on your health.  It’s always about the whole picture, NOT the single lab value.  Statins have almost NO impact on your life expectancy.  Here is just one of many studies that prove the point.   Evaluating the Association Between Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Reduction and Relative and Absolute Effects of Statin Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
  7. The Cancer Lie: “Most Cancer Is Caused by Accumulated DNA Damage” – The question SHOULD be What caused the accumulated DNA Damage?  80% of the time it is lifestyle or environmental toxins.  There is also some really crappy bad luck with genetics.
  8. The Alzheimer’s Lie: “Alzheimer’s Disease Is a Progressive, Untreatable Disease Caused by Beta-Amyloid Accumulation” – The Billions of dollars wasted on years of research around Beta Amyloid being the cause of Alzheimer’s was uncovered a few years ago after a fraudulent study was finally retracted.  This study was cited in 100’s of papers and many millions of research dollars were wasted based upon the fraud.  Check out the work of Max Lugavere.
    Alzheimer’s is also known as type 3 diabetes.  I’ve written about it before, ask me for the reference and I’ll send it.
  9. The Mental Health Lie: “Metabolism Has Little Effect on Mental Health” – Similar to the previous statement, the most influential 2 factors in your mental health that ARE linked to your metabolism is the health of your blood sugar system and your intestinal microbiome.
  10. The Longevity Lie: “Aging Is the Inevitable Result of Accumulated Wear and Tear” -Hmmm, this ISN’T a lie.  It’s true.  Not sure why this was on the list.  What I believe the sentence implies is that you have no control over it.  In the end, yes the accumulation of stress is the only thing that will kill you.  You can simply choose to live a lifestyle that minimizes that stress and also can raise your ability to handle that stress.

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Yours in health,

Dr. Jason Piken DC, CNS, PAK

Dr. Jason Piken

Dr. Jason Piken is a Chiropractor, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach who offers a unique holistic and whole body approach to nutrition and wellness.

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