The profession of chiropractic has been evolving since 1895 when the first chiropractic adjustment was performed. The philosophy of chiropractic care is simple. If you have restricted motion, misalignment, muscle tension causing abnormal mechanics and or pain in your body, then you are better off without it.  Since you were little you have been accumulating physical stresses from things such as slips and falls, sports, repetitive stresses like looking down at computer screens and carrying heavy bags. These stresses cause tension in your body and imbalances to arise.

Only 9% of your entire nervous system is capable of sensing pain, so you may not be aware of all of these stresses as they are building up and that’s a good thing. You don’t want to feel everything that’s going on all the time, you’d be miserable. Your intelligent body only lets you know when there is a problem that is “too much to handle”. Usually, your body will communicate this by giving you a pain.

Chiropractic in NYC

The goal of chiropractic care is to alleviate the cause of the pain, which comes down to a stress that your body is unable to handle.  In my practice, I understand that the stress may be physical, chemical, and/or emotional. Chiropractic is a great tool to address the physical aspect of stress.

During your chiropractic evaluation, I will examine your spine for misalignment, subluxation, muscle imbalance, fascial adhesions, and abnormal movement patterns. If I find something that needs to be corrected during your exam I will explain to you what I have found and what we should do about it.  The treatment usually consists of a chiropractic adjustment and specific muscle/soft tissue release techniques.

The chiropractic adjustment is not painful, it is very safe and effective at relieving stress in your spine, and can offer you immediate relief from pain. I believe the chiropractic adjustment performed correctly is the single best tool for alleviating the physical stresses that cause pain and dysfunction. When combined with specific muscular therapies and also working with the other two stresses, chemical and emotional, you have the greatest potential for feeling better and getting rid of your pain.

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