Working with Dr. Piken has been literally life-changing.

I had struggled with digestive issues for the better part of a decade, a combination of IBS and acid reflux. I had run the gamut of acid-reflux medication, and right before finding Dr. Piken I had been prescribed a high dose of second-generation PPI (Dexilant) that blocks so much stomach acid you have a hard time digesting anything. You can imagine the side effects. And this was was presented as a life-long sentence with lots of known and unknown side effects from long term use, quite apart from the unpleasantness of not property digesting foods. The next step, I was told, would be an operation, itself an invasive and risky procedure.

I had heard something once about chiropractors who had a manual treatment for reflux, and in my search I found Dr. Piken.

To my surprise the treatment largely consisted of experimenting with diet, systematically trying to find my own personalized diet based on Dr. Piken’s clinical experience with a paleo-type template. I experienced improvements nearly immediately. Within two weeks I had stopped taking PPIs, and within two months most of the acid reflux symptoms (along with the bloating and IBS) were gone. And though this had not been my goal walking through the door, my body composition improved a lot. I think overall inflammation was reduced, so lots of “aches and pains” disappeared. Though i’d been very active in martial arts for the last several years (and imagined myself “fit”) these changes allowed me to achieve a level of athleticism I did not think possible at 46.

And I was only trying to get rid of my acid reflux!

Gian Paolo

I can’t imagine my healthcare team without one. Dr. Piken has been an invaluable friend, guide and partner in health.

My initial visits to his practice weren’t focused around a specific complaint, though I found myself using chiropractic to manage the aches and pains of running.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2010, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, when I began to appreciate how important Dr. Piken’s care and insight were not only to the management of my disease, but to my overall feelings about health and wellness.

When I was diagnosed, in addition to pursuing conventional treatments, I immediately consulted with Dr. Piken. We talked about the role of chiropractic adjustments and nutrition, but he also reminded me about listening to my intuition, not being scared into anything and being an advocate for what I need and believe – advice that was difficult to reconcile with the philosophy at the large, one-size-fits-all institution where I was a patient, but which ultimately led to a treatment plan that felt right for me.

Surgery, chemo and radiation were generally easy for me and seem even more so when I hear fellow patients describe their experiences. I credit this to the complementary care I received from Dr. Piken, as well as his support during those long, frustrating days of treatment. Toward the end of chemo, when I was exhausted, struggling to focus and experiencing the first symptoms of lymphedema, something he said brought tears to my eyes – “This is how your body has chosen to heal itself.”

Whenever I notice some twinge or annoyance leftover from my surgery, I remember those words and feel better; like many of his words, I’ll carry them with me. I did suffer one side effect from treatment: I developed lymphedema secondary to the removal of lymph nodes during surgery and subsequent chemotherapy. The lymphedema therapists with whom I consulted told me that lymphedema was irreversible and that treatment was limited to compression and massage. My expectations were a lot higher than not wanting it to get worse; I wanted it to go away. Dr. Piken suggested laser therapy, and I was able to find research studies demonstrating the benefits associated with laser for lymphedema patients. Knowing that it couldn’t do any harm, I eagerly began laser therapy, which was coupled with regular adjustments. After several weeks of treatment, the lymphedema was no longer visually appreciable, and measurements showed my affected left arm was now smaller than my right arm. Not bad for an “irreversible” condition. I should also add that the lymphedema improved while I was undergoing radiation, which is known to cause the condition or make it worse.

Months later, the improvement in my arm has been maintained, and I have no symptoms of lymphedema. My cancer treatment is complete, and I think of myself as whole and healthy.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience and am grateful for Dr. Piken’s wisdom, open-mindedness and dedication to empowering patients and giving us the tools to heal, whether that’s an adjustment, nutritional advice or laser therapy. I believe Dr. Piken’s holistic approach to care can be credited with not only making my surgery, treatment and lymphedema manageable, but actually not that big a deal, and certainly not an impediment to living a healthy, happy life. Before I met Dr. Piken, I was scared to trust a chiropractor; now I can’t imagine my healthcare team without one. Dr. Piken has been an invaluable friend, guide and partner in health.

Lauren U.

You will love what you learn from Dr. Piken about your health, your body and overall wellness.

It’s clear from the first visit that his main concern (and his passion) is to inform you about what your body needs to allow it to heal itself. He will expose you to a variety of treatment methodologies and wellness practices, showing you the path to your pinnacle of overall health, giving you the opportunity to modify your bad habits, if you choose to. You’ll also get great chiropractic adjustment, but that’s really just the start.

– Alan Berner

Doctor Piken has been my primary health care giver for nearly twenty years (probably about 17 but I lose count). I have a GP that I see when I need to but I address all my healthcare matters to Dr Piken first. I do this because he is never wrong.


I have used my body hard in my life and he has made it possible for me to age with less pain and more mobility; and when there is an emergency, he is always there for me. I cannot recommend him enough.

– Stephen M. from Yelp

I love Innate Chiropractic! Everyone in the office is so nice, knowledgeable, and friendly – they actually remember your name! I originally got a coupon deal for a $39 massage, which was with Jenn, who is amazing! She is very skilled and professional, & the massage room is very clean and comfortable.

I have also been seeing Dr. Piken, he is a chiropractor, applied kinesiologist, and a nutritionist. He is such a great doctor – so knowledgeable, honest, personable, and very in tune with his patients and their symptoms.

He has a very wholesome approach – he focuses your chiropractic issues, along with your diet, posture, habits, and overall body health- he looks for the root of your symptoms, not just a quick fix. The office also has free weekly educational seminars, which are very interesting and educational. Another great thing about this office is that they work with people who are on a budget, depending on what you can pay.
I highly recommend you to visit, because Dr. Piken changed my life for the better, and I am so thankful! I can go on and on, but that’s not my job, so just go in, and let them do what they do best!



He explained about Hashimoto’s Disease and helped me change my way of eating and meditating to help my stress level. He has also shown me how to continue monitoring the level of stressors with each visit. I have learned so many things that human body is capable of doing and how chemical medication just covers up the problem not solve it.
I would highly recommend a visit to Dr. Piken at Innate Chiropractic it worth your time to go learn more about subluxation.
Thank you Dr Piken and your excellent administrative staff . A shout out to Lorna a wonderful receptionist! – Carmen Mendez


When I first went to see him, I was unable to get out of bed, walk or dress myself because of the excruciating pains in my body. I’m now able to do all of the above and then some. My body is stronger, my diet and eating habits are healthier and I am able to manage stress better. His endless knowledge always gets to the root of the problem. Dr. Piken is not only a doctor but a teacher. His therapy and overall guidance on my physical as well as emotional well being has put me on a clear path to healing and living a healthy life. Thank you Dr. Piken!! Paulina Apostolides


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