Dr. Jason Piken is a Chiropractor, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach who offers a unique holistic and whole body approach to nutrition and wellness.

Growing up in Queens, New York all my life I just knew that the best of everything was found in NYC! That is why I chose to practice in the heart of New York City, just below Central Park. If you want to provide the best healthcare, setting up in Manhattan, where the best of everything is found only makes sense!

Since starting my practice in 1996, I’ve taught people how to heal from various problems ranging from chronic pain to digestive disorders. I focus heavily on nutrition and a total body approach to health, placing the highest emphasis on healing the relationship between the gut and the brain known as the brain-gut axis.

I always strive to be the doctor that I would want to visit. When you walk into my office you know that you are in an environment where you are going to be personally cared for. My midtown Manhattan office, Innate Wellness Group, functions as a primary source for healthcare without the use of drugs or surgery.

When it comes to patient care, I go beyond the functional medicine model. I use a combination of functional lab testing and applied kinesiology in order to address the three basic causes of all health problems: imbalances in the chemical, emotional and physical systems of the body.

You can learn more about my approach to health and wellness in my book, Better, 11 Simple Habits to Improve Your Life.



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