Exploring the connection between movement and overcoming Erectile Dysfunction (ED), it’s clear that the best cure may just be to MOVE. ED, or erectile dysfunction, has a new top-rated therapy—cardiovascular exercise, tying physical activity directly to improved sexual health.

Here’s a snippet from the article I just read: Landmark Study Finds Exercise to Be Just as Effective as Viagra at Combatting Erectile Dysfunction

“On a standard scale of six to 30, six being severe erectile dysfunction and 30 being no issue at all, men who suffered from extreme ED reported an increase of five points. Those who suffered mild and moderate erectile dysfunction saw improvements of two and three points, respectively.Viagra and other similar medications can lead to improvements of four to eight points, the study notes. Testosterone replacement therapy can lead to an improvement of two points.”

You did read that correctly, yes Viagra could have an 8-point improvement compared to the 5-point maximum from exercise. But cardiovascular exercise has the added benefits of:

  • Zero cost
  • Better mood
  • Burning Calories
  • Improved Memory
  • Improved libido
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved protection against viral infections
  • Increased longevity
  • Being able to care for yourself as you age

No pill can do all of this. But here’s the problem I can picture amongst my readers.

I already do cardio but ED is still an issue. There are many reasons men struggle with ED and women can struggle with FSD, female sexual dysfunction. The two main reasons come down to either something psychological, chemical, or physical.

The Best Cure For ED? MOVE Image
Engage in physical activity

Regular exercise can help with all three but what if you are already exercising and still want better performance?

The answer as always comes down to figuring out what YOU as an individual needs to be the healthiest you can be. Not simply disease free but we need to figure out what would optimize your health. Here are some things to try:

  • Improve the amount of time you exercise- for these purposes 120 minutes a week of Zone 2 Cardio would be best.
  • Improve your levels of testosterone by building more muscle or taking supplements like – LibidoStim-M or F made by Designs for Health
  • Improving your Nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a chemical that your body makes that helps with blood flow by signaling your arteries to dilate. We all lose efficiency in the production of nitric oxide as we age but eating a diet filled with beets, dark chocolate, and dark leafy greens can boost production. My favorite supplement to enhance Nitric oxide production is Nitric Balance- made by Apex Energetics.
  • Remove Subluxations in your lower spine with a chiropractic adjustment. The nerves that control your lower pelvic musculature and organs stem from the lower spine and sacrum area. If you are experiencing lower back discomfort from having a spinal misalignment(subluxation), that can impact your sexual function.

Shifting our focus to the pivotal role of physical activity, it becomes evident that the most effective remedy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not just a treatment, but a lifestyle change—MOVE to embrace cardiovascular exercise as the premier therapy. If you’ve already incorporated these strategies and are seeking further guidance on optimizing your body’s function, schedule a visit with me, and together, we’ll explore how to enhance your well-being to its fullest potential.


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Yours in health,

Dr. Jason Piken DC, CNS, PAK


Dr. Jason Piken

Dr. Jason Piken is a Chiropractor, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach who offers a unique holistic and whole body approach to nutrition and wellness.

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