Inspired by the article in Forbes- Chemicals Found In Popular Household Products Potentially Linked To Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Study Suggests. Here is another article that uncovers the unfortunate situation we all must contend with in our modern world.  We live in a world with indoor plumbing, very low rates of killer infectious diseases, an abundant food supply that is relatively safe from bacteria, and comfortable safe homes to live in.  What have we had to pay for all these advances?  Chronic disease caused by the chemical exposure from the products that are supposed to “improve our lives”.

Personally, I prefer the indoor plumbing days, but there has to be better regulation placed on the chemicals we are all exposed to.  Two classes of chemicals have been shown to cause neurological conditions like MS and Autism:

  • Quats are found in products like body washes, fabric softeners, shampoos, sunscreens, baby wipes, shaving creams and disinfectants like some Clorox and Downy products.
  • Organophosphate flame retardants are found in electronic devices, building materials and furniture via flame retardant foam and plastic, according to the environmental advocacy program the Green Science Policy Institute.

You can refer to the article for the details.  It’s a quick read. 

The problem with medical research is the 1 cause dilemma.  Rates of autism spectrum disorder are now up to a staggering 1 in 36 in the US.  We also have 570,000 cases of Multiple Sclerosis, MS.  The rates of MS have almost doubled since 2013.  So what is the cause?  The answer is simple, exposure to vast amounts of chemicals from plastics to pesticides, vaccines, cleaning products…This one research study which the article was based upon studied over 1800 household chemicals.  It is virtually impossible to study the interplay between all of the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.

If a single class of chemicals is found to cause harm it is almost a miracle.  So how long does it take to remove that class of chemicals from our lives, many years, if ever after the negative association is found is the answer.  Why is it so difficult to remove something harmful from product lines?  MONEY.

  • It costs money to discover the chemicals and test for safety.
  • It costs money to remove those chemicals and replace them with less toxic products.
  • NATURAL products cost the consumer more and are often less effective than their chemical counterparts.
  • The FDA and the EPA who are the “government watchdogs” that are tasked to keep us safe are completely financially entangled with the companies they are supposed to be watching.  The vast majority of FDA/EPA employees either previously worked for the companies that they now inspect or are guaranteed lucrative jobs at these companies as soon as they leave the government.

It is impossible to avoid harmful chemicals and also enjoy the benefits of modern life.  I am not about to live off the grid in the wild where instead of harmful chemicals, I have to worry about bears and wolves and freezing when I have to pee in the middle of the night.  I’ll keep things comfortable.  So what could you do to mitigate the damage?  It is NOT easy but you can take steps.

  • Eat Organic foods
  • Eat minimally or non-processed foods
  • Clean with vinegar, soap and water
  • Use water filters
  • Keep learning – But take heed – who sponsors the shows/publications you are getting your information from?
  • Vote for political candidates who want to CLEAN up the system of corporate corruption and greed.

I’ve stated it before, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide.  Don’t be concerned with being perfect, if more people were simply aware and used the greatest weapon, purchasing power, companies would start to listen.

One More Thing!    Be at peace with the knowledge that everything IS already moving in the right direction.  We are safe from Bears and infectious diseases, we tried to improve lives through chemistry, and we are now moving towards a world that can have indoor plumbing and a cleaner environment. Not as quickly as we would prefer but things are starting to move in a better direction.

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Yours in health,

Dr. Jason Piken DC, CNS, PAK

Dr. Jason Piken

Dr. Jason Piken is a Chiropractor, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach who offers a unique holistic and whole body approach to nutrition and wellness.

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