Do you happen to know what a Goblet cell is? If you do, then you are most likely going to get very little benefit from this email so just pat yourself on the back for being so intelligent and close this tab. For the rest of you, read on, you may learn something about how pain and mucous are benefitting your health.

Today’s email was inspired by the article:
Unexpected Protective Properties of Pain –

So what is a goblet cell? Goblet cells are found in your body all along your lungs and digestive tract. Their main job is to secrete mucous. Mucous, as annoying as it may be to deal with at times serves an important function. It is part of your immune response system. It traps microbes like virus and bacteria and also soothes irritated tissues along your lung and gut.

New research has discovered/confirmed that when you are experiencing pain there is an increased production of mucous. So the presence of pain increases mucous which in turn improves your innate immune response and ability to heal. The research found that if pain is prevented/numbed away, there is a decrease in mucous production and therefore decreased healing.

I truly love when science catches up to prove the principles that I started learning 30 years ago and that have existed, within chiropractic philosophy for over 100 years (Since 1895 to be specific). The principle that you should understand is that you have an innate intelligence that runs your body. That intelligence is ALWAYS doing its best to help you to heal as quickly as possible. Your job, allow that innate intelligence to do its thing. That means don’t interfere with the process unless you have to.

What does that mean? Don’t try to cover up symptoms like pain and mucous with medications that alleviate them. Allow your body to work. Of course, there are situations where pain relief and mucous reduction are necessary, but for the most part, you have been taught to eliminate symptoms by grabbing pills and running to the doctor. So unless your symptoms are very serious, maybe think about suffering a bit more and dealing with the discomfort so your body can finish up its work.

How do you know how far to let things go? I can’t answer that for you. That is why you should have a relationship with a doctor that understands your body and how it works. That is the practice I have worked hard to create over the past 28 years. When you and your doctor have established a healthy relationship it’s easier to figure out when you need to intervene and when it’s OK to let your innate fix the problem.

Innate can be aided by having a healthy diet, sleep habits, exercise and taking micronutrients found in supplements. My top pics for aiding your innate immune response so you don’t create as much mucous and have reduced pain. My most common recommendations to support your ability to adapt:

  • Vit D
  • 3000 iu of EPA/DHA per day – Fish Oil
  • Curcumin – 500-2000 mg per day
  • Quercitin – Helps recycle Vitamin C
  • CBD – derived from Hemp

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Yours in health,

Dr. Jason Piken DC, CNS, PAK

Dr. Jason Piken

Dr. Jason Piken is a Chiropractor, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach who offers a unique holistic and whole body approach to nutrition and wellness.

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